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Say hello to bamboo bowls

We collaborate with celebrated chefs to create Asian-forward, quick and healthy food. Responsibly made and conveniently served in bowls under 5mins. Chef-crafted Asian favourites. Affordable, sugar-free & future-forward.

The bowls

Your chef-crafted bowl is made with only the highest quality ingredients from whole foods and have zero sugar, nothing processed and no artificial anything

our mission

Bamboo is the original change maker. It represents strength, sustainability, Asian heritage and the answer to seemingly impossible problems. Simplicity as the ultimate form of innovation. Can we build a sustainable food chain? Can chef-grade food be affordable? Can healthy food achieve sublime taste? We draw inspiration from bamboo and collaborate with celebrated chefs to create Asian-forward healthy food, conveniently served in bowls and accessible to all.


We’ve traded typical order-taking for a quicker, contactless experience. Orders are placed exclusively through our bamboo bowls app and self-collected from assigned high-tech pods. This technology allows us to focus our resources on healthier ingredients and amazing chefs while keeping our prices reasonable.

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